When you think of virtual reality, the first thing that comes to mind is a headset, and all the buzz around this industry is focused on these headsets. But while they certainly deserve to be the center of attention, the real potential can be unlocked through the VR accessories market.

It is in this nascent stage that these accessories are going to be the most exciting. These are still early years for VR and lots of innovation happens when an industry is relatively new. In fact, VR accessories started to populate the front pages of crowdfunding sites before the headsets themselves were released. That, for a start, shows there’s demand for hardware that will extend the experience of VR beyond these headsets, and make it more immersive for those who want it.

Aftermarket accessories want to fit into your VR setup, and they are there for those who desire something more than what the headsets themselves can offer. Headsets and GPUs are already teetering on the expensive side, but accessories are going to serve a more niche section of the market. Read More