How will you use Windows inside a VR headset? Would you even want to?

Those are real questions, because Microsoft is bringing its floating 3D version of its operating system — Windows Holographic — to VR headsets like the HTC Vive starting next year. But we also may have the answer.

This official Microsoft video is your first look at what Windows should look like inside a VR headset, as shown at the Intel Developer Forum earlier today.

Not bad, right? The virtual room’s a little bland, but it gives you the basic idea. You’ll have your own virtual workspace and can have lots of little virtual monitors for all your 2D apps, play with a virtual pet, interact with 3D apps a la Microsoft’s HoloLens, then teleport to Rome for a little virtual history lesson.

And unlike with Microsoft’s HoloLens (and its narrow field of view), you should see the virtual world across your entire field of vision. Read More