Drone Station

Drone Station
Our custom Fab Lab VR drone, digitally designed by our creative team, is available for use digitally in the virtual reality game, and can be tested out in our School Fab Labs located in a variety of institutions across the U.S.!
    1. Learn by Piloting
      1. Terminology: Yaw, pitch, elevation, longitude and latitude.
      2. Learning Outcomes: Autonomous robot, aerodynamics, aviation safety and operation.
    2. Learn by Coding
      1. Problem solving, critical thinking, mathematical calculations, visualizing processes and autonomous navigation.
    3. Drones are unmanned aircrafts, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). A drone is essentially a flying robot that may be remotely controlled or can be programmed to fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans. Using GPS sensors and simple programming software, drones can be used for many useful functions that manned vehicles may not otherwise be suited for.

School Fab Lab provides stations such as this and others to aid students in learning about digital fabrication. Using virtual reality, students are more engaged and retain the knowledge even better! Fab Lab VR is an immersive environment where one can test out machines such as 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutters as well as drones and robotics.

You can see more about SchoolFabLab.com and FabLabVR.com

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