3D Printer Station

Fab Lab VR
The MakerBot Replicator II, the most popular 3D printer on the market, comes as an option for each School Fab Lab we install, and can create an innumerable amount of objects with the simple press of a button.
    1. Learn by Design
      1. Mathematics and spatial understanding: Exploring the 3D design environment, design tools, alignment tools, measuring, object scaling, division and calculation accuracy.
    2. Learn by Fabricating
      1. Operating Machines: Print settings such as raft, infill and support
      2. Machine Limitations: Breaking objects down into parts to print separately that get attached later, creating supports that can be cut off later and model orientation for better build results.
      3. Science Learning: Additive manufacturing, G-code and slicing.

Students are better able to leap into 3D printing now more than ever before with easy to learn software such as Tinkercad. The process of designing to fabricating is significantly easier for students to adopt now that the learning curve for machine operation has been reduced. Students become more comfortable in the realm of 3D printing design and are able to translate their ideas into the real world. After completion of the 3D printing introductory courses, students are excited to take on more advanced projects.


School Fab Lab provides stations such as this and others to aid students in learning about digital fabrication. Using virtual reality, students are more engaged and retain the knowledge even better! Fab Lab VR is an immersive environment where one can test out machines such as 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutters as well as drones and robotics.

You can see more about School Fab Lab and Fab Lab VR at SchoolFabLab.com and FabLabVR.com



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