Apollo 11’ Latest News & Update: Immersive VR Education’s Flagship App To Land On PlayStation VR, Along With Radial Games’ ‘Fantastic Contraption’

Sony’s virtual reality headset will be receiving more apps already available for the HTC Vive. It’s good news still that the PlayStation VR is catching up, and its recent additions, “Apollo 11” and “Fantastic Contraption,” should make the PSVR all the more exciting. Immersive VR Education and Radial Games, the companies behind “Apollo 11” and […]

Virtual Reality is Actually Here

From Computer World’s Bart Perkins: If you think virtual reality exists today primarily in the gaming industry, you are seriously behind the times! VR springing up all over, and in some rather surprising places. VR videos are already available on YouTube, Android PlayStore and the Apple Store. Equipment prices and quality vary dramatically, from Google’s […]

What’s After VR is Straight Out of ‘The Matrix’

From Digital Trends’ Nick Mokey: In 1999, The Matrix introduced your neighbor, your dad, and pretty much every hacky-sacking college kid in the country to the idea that the real world around us … might not be so real. In the film, our trenchcoated protagonist Neo discovers that the world as he knows it is […]

Can Virtual Reality Move Beyond Immersive Experiences to Tell Stories?

From The Guardian’s Jack de Quidt: The very first thing I saw in virtual reality was Wevr’s theBlu demo, back in the early days of the HTC Vive headset. It’s the thing a lot of people mention when they’re asked about the most compelling VR experiences, and with good reason: the demo transports you to […]

Research Study Suggests VR Can Have A Huge Impact In The Classroom

“Every child is a genius in his or her own way. VR can be the key to awakening the genius inside.” This is the closing line of a new research study currently making its way out of China. Conducted by Beijing Bluefocus E-Commerce Co., Ltd and Beijing iBokan Wisdom Mobile Internet Technology Training Institution, the […]

Virtual Reality in the Nordic Nations

Expected to be worth more than $80 billion by 2025, the virtual reality (VR) marketplace is exploding in nordic nations, especially in countries such as Sweden which have already become powerhouses in the gaming industry. Better, more efficient collaboration between remote game developers is one of the key reasons virtual reality is taking off in […]

2016’s Five Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality isn’t some weird concept coming in the distant future. It’s here. It’s been a major year in VR, with many consumer options now on the market from big hardware players in time for Christmas 2016’s shopping rush. We saw the breakout of Facebook, Google, Sony, and others with their first headsets aimed at […]

Can Virtual Reality Sidestep the Paradox of Time Travel?

Most physicists agree that time travel into the past is impossible, but what if virtual reality (VR) could provide a workaround? Doron Friedman is the director of the Advanced Virtuality Lab (AVL) at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel. His group researches a host of topics related to virtual, mixed and augmented reality as well […]

One Of the Best New VR Things: Buying A Car

I had a fascinating experience last week. I got to see and experience the new Jaguar I-Pace, the company’s electric answer to the as-yet-unannounced Tesla Y SUV, long before I’ll actually get to see the prototype. I didn’t just get to see the car — I got to understand intimately why the car was created […]

Venture Capitalists Contemplate How Much Exuberance Is Good For VR Investing

Is virtual reality a bubble? That’s a common question in a number of panels I’ve covered in the past year. The answer isn’t quite knowable until a major event comes along that either expands or pops the bubble. Digi-Capital reported that venture capitalists invested $500 million in augmented reality and VR during the third quarter, […]