Eye Tracking is VR’s Next Killer Feature

There are plenty of ways virtual reality headsets could get better. They could offer higher-resolution screens (like the new Vive Pro), a wider field of view and improved built-in tracking sensors. But another feature might be even more essential: eye tracking. It’s not a new concept — we’ve been following FOVE’s eye-tracking headset, as well […]

Not Just Games – How Virtual Reality Will Heal And Teach In 2017 And Beyond

From The Huffington Post’s Nima Ghadiri: Home Virtual Reality has seemingly been looming on the horizon for three decades, ever since VPL Research founder Jaron Lanier announced the EyePhone device which retailed for just short of $10,000. But motion sickness, and the astronomical price, pushed the technology into the wilderness. This year, home Virtual Reality […]

Behind the Numbers of Virtual Reality’s Sluggish Debut

From MIT Technology Review’s Signe Brewster: It’s been four years since a Kickstarter promised the first modern virtual-reality headset, and in 2016 we finally saw the technology’s commercial debut with high-end headsets from Oculus, Sony, and HTC hitting the market. More than two million desktop VR headsets are expected to have sold worldwide by year’s […]

2 Incredibly Cheap Virtual Reality Stocks

Sony and AMD offer investors inexpensive ways to play the emerging trend. Virtual reality is one of the more exciting trends in technology. The industry remains in its infancy, but several companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of the growing demand for VR headsets and content. Facebook and NVIDIA are popular picks, and for […]

How To Build A VR-Ready PC

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are here. But your PC has to be pretty powerful to use these cutting-edge VR headsets. If your PC is lacking performance, don’t worry. We’re going to show you how to build a VR-ready PC. Update, July 1 2016: We’ve added information about the new AMD Radeon RX 480 […]