Now You Can Try Virtual Reality Before You Buy

From Financial Times’ Jonathan Margolis: Rather than read about virtual reality, you need to try it. The mesmerising sensation of VR is impossible to convey in words. I expect the telephone, radio and television also needed seeing and hearing in their early days. VR is more difficult to explain than almost any other new consumer […]

Sundance Spotlights Virtual Reality’s Quest for Respect

From Variety’s Andrew Wallenstein: The Sundance Film Festival may not seem like a place for contemplating the frightening speed with which technology is revolutionizing media. But even those who came to Park City just to watch good old-fashioned cinema got a taste of what’s to come at Passage Pictures’ afterparty Monday for its new film […]

I Didn’t Believe VR Was the Future — Until Now

From Fortune’s Laura Entis: I’m not an early adopter. I’m probably too slow to be a regular adopter. So while I’ve read stories about the transportive power of virtual reality, it’s always been too hypothetical to resonate. Until GE, of all companies, changed that. On Wednesday, the conglomerate threw an event titled “A night of […]

“Jesus VR: The Story of Christ” Review – Virtual Reality Cinema Gains Disciples

The acting? Dire. The direction? Awful. The adaptation? Conservative and pedestrian. In conventional terms, everything about this new retelling of the Jesus story – showing here in Venice in an abbreviated 40-minute cut – is ropey. It is all too clearly influenced by Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ: the film has the same […]

Barack Obama In A VR Headset Is Still Inherently Funny

One of video games’ big breakthrough moments came in the early seasons of House of Cards, when consummate politician Frank Underwood sat down and booted up Call of Duty during an episode. It didn’t seem silly or forced; if anything, it was just the 21st century version of watching TV. This is the holy grail […]

‘China’s Apple’ Xiaomi Launches Its First VR Headset

Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi – often dubbed “China’s Apple” – has unveiled its first virtual reality (VR) headset as it joins the ranks of HTC and Samsung in attempting to gain a foothold in the nascent market. The Mi VR Play will support a wide range of 4.7- to 5.7-inch smartphones that will be secured […]

Gear VR Owners Can Watch The Rio Olympics In Virtual Reality

85 hours of this year’s Olympics will be viewable using a VR headset. Last October, Samsung offered exclusive live streaming of one of the DNC debates using the Gear VR, its virtual reality headset. It was the first major debate to be presented in VR, but in the end the presentation, which switched between four […]