Can Virtual Reality Improve Education ?

Virtual Reality in the Classroom : Using virtual reality as an educational tool could transform the American high school experience. “We’ve gone from the Model T to the Tesla and from the switchboard to the smartphone. Yet high school has remained frozen in time.” That’s the theory that underpins XQ, a new nonprofit dedicated to […]

Virtual Realtiy Car Crashes Come To The Classroom

School children in the U.K. are learning how it feels to be in a car crash through a virtual reality simulation that is “as close to real-life as possible.” Students in Leicestershire, England, are experiencing the traffic collisions as part of a new road safety scheme that is a collaboration between Samsung Electronics and the […]

Why VR Will Revolutionize Education

Using virtual reality in education is no longer a fantasy, but a reality for numerous companies and educational institutions. The creation of VR content can substantially enhance the field of education, bringing multiple advantages and opportunities to the traditional classroom. Although there are several threats to a successful integration of VR in the field of […]