Spaces Inc. Raises $6.5 Million for Virtual Reality Theme Parks

From The Wall Street Journal’s Cat Zakrzewski: With pricey headsets and time consuming setups, virtual reality hasn’t yet made it into many living rooms. Game arcades, however, are making the nascent technology more accessible to people in China, much like they once did with earlier generations of videogames in the U.S. And now, some investors […]

Can Virtual Reality Move Beyond Immersive Experiences to Tell Stories?

From The Guardian’s Jack de Quidt: The very first thing I saw in virtual reality was Wevr’s theBlu demo, back in the early days of the HTC Vive headset. It’s the thing a lot of people mention when they’re asked about the most compelling VR experiences, and with good reason: the demo transports you to […]

2016’s Five Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality isn’t some weird concept coming in the distant future. It’s here. It’s been a major year in VR, with many consumer options now on the market from big hardware players in time for Christmas 2016’s shopping rush. We saw the breakout of Facebook, Google, Sony, and others with their first headsets aimed at […]

Google’s VR Cardboard Camera App Is Coming To iOS

The odds of you using Cardboard Camera, Google’s simple app for creating 360-degree VR images, just got significantly higher. The tool, which has so far only been available on Android, is now available on the iOS App Store. And both versions now include sharing features that realize the app’s raison d’etre: showing your friends and […]