Get Ready For Multisensory Virtual Reality That Goes Far Beyond Sight And Sound

From Forbes’ Seth Porges: In October, I had the opportunity to try out the Rez Synesthesia Suit: A Velcro-on body rig concept that uses countless pulsing motors to add the sense of touch to virtual reality experiences. The experience was rough, but somewhat amazing: As I waved my hand through HTC Vive-rendered bubbles, I could […]

How Virtual Reality Will Expand Our Social And Metaphysical Limits

From Forbes’ Martina Welkhoff: My friend Gabe and I had just lost a game of dodgeball. As the winning team gloated on a pedestal above us, Gabe turned to me with open arms and offered a consolatory hug. I felt comforted by the friendly embrace. None of this would be remarkable unless you consider that […]