Research Study Suggests VR Can Have A Huge Impact In The Classroom

“Every child is a genius in his or her own way. VR can be the key to awakening the genius inside.” This is the closing line of a new research study currently making its way out of China. Conducted by Beijing Bluefocus E-Commerce Co., Ltd and Beijing iBokan Wisdom Mobile Internet Technology Training Institution, the […]

VR First Expands Its Academic Labs To Twelve More Universities

VR First is a marriage of Crytek’s passion for VR and their game engine CRYENGINE with companies such as Leap Motion, OSVR, and Razer to bring virtual reality education to academic institutions around the world. VR First brings event space and workstations to universities via a well equipped VR lab and promotes VR entrepreneurship, community, […]

Virtual Reality Classrooms Another Way Chinese Kids Gain an Edge

Genders of virtual teachers can change to suit cultural norms of the classroom Deep within a building shaped like the Starship Enterprise, a little-known Chinese company is working on the future of education. Vast banks of servers record children at work and play, tracking touchscreen swipes, shrugs and head swivels – amassing a database that […]

Why VR Will Revolutionize Education

Using virtual reality in education is no longer a fantasy, but a reality for numerous companies and educational institutions. The creation of VR content can substantially enhance the field of education, bringing multiple advantages and opportunities to the traditional classroom. Although there are several threats to a successful integration of VR in the field of […]

Pick apart your skull in VR and learn with Human Anatomy

Anatomy classes can be a drag and flipping page after page of ridiculously large books can kill the motivation of many students. Despite our digital progress, we still haven’t embraced digital culture to its fullest extent in the education sector. Whether it’s because reading syllables on thin wood is a lovely tradition, or because educators […]

Start-Up Academy Xi Gets In Early On VR Education

What’s the fastest way to make money in virtual reality? Build experiences? It may be offering courses with Sydney start-up Xi Academy advertising a $4000 per head VR design course beginning in August. If all goes to plan, Xi Academy will roll out courses covering virtual and augmented reality available throughout Australia and the Asian-Pacific […]

Virtual Reality – SteamVR Featuring The HTC Vive

We are excited to announce the Vive by HTC has been launched along with over 50 titles on Steam including Valve’s The Lab. We have an overview of VR on Steam available here going into more detail. The videos featured on the page use mixed reality to help show what the games are like in […]