Every year there is a new hot topic in tech. Today, it’s all about artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and autonomous vehicles. The difference between now and the past is that everything is becoming interconnected at a faster rate.

We are entering an extremely critical time in history where society will change dramatically – how we work, live and play. Science fiction is morphing into reality. Flying cars exist, cars that drive themselves are on the road, and artificial intelligence that automates our lives is here.

To make all of this amazing science and technology happen, it takes some extremely intelligent and curious people. In many ways, scientists are still at the helm of discovering breakthroughs through research. Increasingly, tech companies are accelerating innovation by applying it to the real world by leveraging their data and distribution networks. For such innovative companies and pioneering startups to exist, investors provide the necessary capital.

Leading scientists meet at G-Summit

It is unusual for these different yet linked groups to come together, even in Silicon Valley. But in a rare event, some of the world’s leading scientists, tech execs and investors convened in San Francisco at the first G-Summit, organized by the GWC, an organization from China that connects tech innovators around the world. From September 27-28, the exclusive group shared breakthrough research and discussed both good and challenging implications. Read More