EXCLUSIVE: Virtual reality technology company AMD has closed a deal with writer/director/producer Kevin Cornish to create a big-budget VR series called Remember: Remember which starts in the wake of an alien invasion and takes the audience back to their destroyed apartment for the first time where each item in the rubble triggers a different memory. The series explores the themes of memory through virtual reality via a series of flashbacks that centers around a love story.

Cornish’s last VR project was financed by MTV and AT&T premiered at Comic-Con yesterday, which is taking place now in San Diego. Cornish directed and produced two VR experiences that allowed fans to enter an interactive narrative that involves characters from MTV’s Teen Wolf. Cornish said the way the Teen Wolf VR experience works is that a viewer is in a scene with the characters and depending on which character the viewer engages with, the ending changes. The outcome is that the viewer can either live or die depending on who they listen to. Read More