The first New Zealand-made virtual reality film has been showcased to a captive audience of children. They stepped into the world of the Green Fairy for a special viewing at Auckland Central Library. It’s taking storytelling to the next level – and New Zealand is leading the way.

Alejandro Davilla and his small team of six have produced the country’s first virtual reality film, and only the second in the world.

“Everyone is using virtual reality for games but I thought it would be a good idea to put people inside the movie and look around and see the characters interact,” he said.

“It’s like being at Disneyland or going to a theme park.” On Saturday his team showed off the short film to a young audience keen to put down their books, grab the goggles and step inside the virtual reality world of the Green Fairy. Virtual reality goggles are already on the market, and with improving technology and increasing demand, they could be seen in many homes soon. Read More