What’s the fastest way to make money in virtual reality? Build experiences? It may be offering courses with Sydney start-up Xi Academy advertising a $4000 per head VR design course beginning in August. If all goes to plan, Xi Academy will roll out courses covering virtual and augmented reality available throughout Australia and the Asian-Pacific region.

Co-founder Ben Wong said some of the top people in AR and VR would present at the course which takes place over 10 Saturdays from August to October. The class size is 25. Instructors include Daniel Sim Lind, a VR creative technologist with 20 years experience commercialising new technology. Mr Wong said Mr Lind held a patent for volumetric video. Scott O’Brien, founder of Augmented Reality OMG, is another. He has been involved with augmented reality since 2009. Marketers, designers and people with background in film and theatre, producers and project designers would also take part, Mr Wong said.

The course plans to teach virtual reality interfaces, VR storytelling, commercial applications and early adopter verticals, cdesign strategy, commercial applications and an introduction to game design platform Unity 3D, among other things.. Mr Wong said participants would learn project management as part of the course. They would identify skills needed for tasks and shown how to find and hire appropriately skilled people. Read More