Research Study Suggests VR Can Have A Huge Impact In The Classroom

“Every child is a genius in his or her own way. VR can be the key to awakening the genius inside.” This is the closing line of a new research study currently making its way out of China. Conducted by Beijing Bluefocus E-Commerce Co., Ltd and Beijing iBokan Wisdom Mobile Internet Technology Training Institution, the [...]

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VR Eye Tracking Could Shape Your Relationships With Virtual People

Well over a year ago, I tried a Kickstarter-funded virtual reality headset that could track not just your head, but your pupils. It was called Fove, and it’s now open for preorders, with a price of $599 and a shipping date of early 2017. (Kickstarter backers will get their versions toward the end of 2016, [...]

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Barack Obama In A VR Headset Is Still Inherently Funny

One of video games’ big breakthrough moments came in the early seasons of House of Cards, when consummate politician Frank Underwood sat down and booted up Call of Duty during an episode. It didn’t seem silly or forced; if anything, it was just the 21st century version of watching TV. This is the holy grail [...]

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GoPro Offers Another Peek Of Its Live VR Tech

GoPro has been largely quiet on the Live VR front since giving a glimpse of the technology back at NAB in April. And even then, it was more of a hint at best, buried under announcements around its bigger GoPro VR push. The action cam pioneer is showing off a little more of the forthcoming [...]

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Virtual Reality – SteamVR Featuring The HTC Vive

We are excited to announce the Vive by HTC has been launched along with over 50 titles on Steam including Valve's The Lab. We have an overview of VR on Steam available here going into more detail. The videos featured on the page use mixed reality to help show what the games are like in [...]

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