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Are Apple and Zeiss Working on Augmented-Reality Glasses?

From Nymag's Jake Swearingen: For the past few years, Apple has been filing patents and staffing up on engineers who specialize in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality’s more sophisticated cousin. (AR technology, like that seen in Pokémon Go, places computer-generated imagery onto the real world, unlike VR, which replaces your field of vision entirely.) Now, [...]

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How Do Augmented Reality Displays Work?

From Forbes: How do waveguides and combiners compare in building augmented reality displays? [originally appeared on Quora: the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.] Answer by Aaron Yip, game developer, on Quora: See-through optics has a sort of inaccessible mysticism thanks to scifi (Iron Man, Star Trek, etc.) [...]

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2016 Video !!

We present the summary of 2016 as a fun video showing several of the best moments of the year. We show you the projects that have been developed at FabLab Yachay, several workshops, the graduation of the FabAcademy program in China, among other experiences. This is our way to say thanks to all the institutions [...]

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10 Predictions and Opportunities for Virtual and Augmented Reality in 2017

From Venture Beat's Jacob Mullins: 2016 was “Year Zero” for the current wave of consumerization of virtual reality and augmented reality, devices are finally shipping, consumers are buying, and applications are earning. Consider what “Year Zero” was for the PC or the mobile waves of technology adoption, and look at where we are today. 2017 [...]

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Tech Groups See New Future with Augmented Reality

From The Financial Times' Tim Bradshaw: Augmented reality is set to be one of the big themes of January’s Consumer Electronics Show as investment pours into start-ups working on new headsets and other systems that throw digital “holograms” on top of the real world. The ability to visualise and manipulate 3D images as though they [...]

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Not Just Games – How Virtual Reality Will Heal And Teach In 2017 And Beyond

From The Huffington Post's Nima Ghadiri: Home Virtual Reality has seemingly been looming on the horizon for three decades, ever since VPL Research founder Jaron Lanier announced the EyePhone device which retailed for just short of $10,000. But motion sickness, and the astronomical price, pushed the technology into the wilderness. This year, home Virtual Reality [...]

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Behind the Numbers of Virtual Reality’s Sluggish Debut

From MIT Technology Review's Signe Brewster: It’s been four years since a Kickstarter promised the first modern virtual-reality headset, and in 2016 we finally saw the technology’s commercial debut with high-end headsets from Oculus, Sony, and HTC hitting the market. More than two million desktop VR headsets are expected to have sold worldwide by year’s [...]

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Is Virtual Reality the Surprising Solution to the Fermi Paradox?

From the Singularity Hub's Aaron Frank: Only decades into our “age of cosmology” — the moment when we earned the technological rights to peer deep into our cosmic home — we’ve learned that we live in a mega-palace of a universe. And we’ve also found something odd. We seem to be the only ones home! [...]

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Facebook Virtual Reality Tour Makes Immersive Stop at Denver Airport

From The Denver Post's Tamara Chuang: Virtual reality takes viewers to a new dimension that can be hard to describe. So Facebook is offering demonstrations of special goggles at Denver International Airport through Jan. 24. The temporary exhibit, staffed by Facebook workers, is in the center of Concourse A between Denver Duty Free and Chef [...]

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Virtual Reality and Social Media Elections: Looking Back at 2016 Tech News and Predictions for 2017

From the Independent's Andrew Griffin: Commentators had for years been threatening and falsely heralding the year of the “social media election”. And then in 2016 it arrived, messier and uglier than anyone would have expected. It was a fittingly frustrating and bizarre end to a year in technology that saw long-predicted futures arrive, but often [...]

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