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Around The World In 80 Minutes – What is Google Earth VR? The Virtual Reality ‘Killer App’ – Here’s What We Know

The new Google Earth VR app lets intrepid, or not so intrepid, travellers fly around the globe and even the universe without getting out of bed. The new Google Earth virtual reality app lets intrepid, or not so intrepid, travellers fly around the globe while still in bed or sitting on the sofa. THANKS to Google [...]

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Your First VR Rig Might Fit In A Pocket

The future of virtual reality can be found in the fiction of Snow Crash, Oculus’ Max Cohen believes — but probably not in the way you’re thinking. In Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson's seminal book based on a future world driven by consumerism and warped by privatization, people seek escape through a game-like metaverse using a [...]

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One Of the Best New VR Things: Buying A Car

I had a fascinating experience last week. I got to see and experience the new Jaguar I-Pace, the company's electric answer to the as-yet-unannounced Tesla Y SUV, long before I'll actually get to see the prototype. I didn't just get to see the car -- I got to understand intimately why the car was created [...]

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Venture Capitalists Contemplate How Much Exuberance Is Good For VR Investing

Is virtual reality a bubble? That’s a common question in a number of panels I’ve covered in the past year. The answer isn’t quite knowable until a major event comes along that either expands or pops the bubble. Digi-Capital reported that venture capitalists invested $500 million in augmented reality and VR during the third quarter, [...]

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Microsoft Says New Surface Studio Is VR Ready(ish)

Announced just last week, Microsoft’s Surface Studio all-in-one computer has been met with excitement and touted as an example of the company’s new approach to innovation. With a mobile GPU on board, you shouldn’t expect to be able to run the most demanding VR titles, but Microsoft says Surface Studio will be able to manage [...]

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VR Eye Tracking Could Shape Your Relationships With Virtual People

Well over a year ago, I tried a Kickstarter-funded virtual reality headset that could track not just your head, but your pupils. It was called Fove, and it’s now open for preorders, with a price of $599 and a shipping date of early 2017. (Kickstarter backers will get their versions toward the end of 2016, [...]

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Google And The NFL Team Up To Make VR Films

The miniseries will focus on what game day in the NFL looks like, and the first episode will debut on Thanksgiving. Are you ready for some football in VR? Google and the NFL are. The two companies are teaming up to produce a nine part miniseries that will give fans an immersive view into what [...]

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