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Can Virtual Reality Improve Education ?

Virtual Reality in the Classroom : Using virtual reality as an educational tool could transform the American high school experience. "We've gone from the Model T to the Tesla and from the switchboard to the smartphone. Yet high school has remained frozen in time." That's the theory that underpins XQ, a new nonprofit dedicated to [...]

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Google Tilt Brush Adds The Power Of Creating Windows From VR To Reality Google's Tilt Brush, the app that lets you "sculpt" paintings in virtual reality, is getting a new set of features that move the VR tool far beyond the realm of interactive art. Usually, art is a single-person activity, but given the three-dimensional nature of Tilt Brush creations, the "multiplayer" mode is not only practical, [...]

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How To Get A Job In The VR Economy

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, it kicked off a booming tech ecosystem known as the app economy. And the app economy, in turn, generated hundreds of thousands of new jobs spanning design and development, project management, customer service, IT support, security, and even marketing. Similarly, we can expect to see VR create a [...]

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