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Riding An Animatronic Horse While Wearing A VR Headset Is The Best Of Everything

VR games can take you anywhere, and now, they can even carry you into the sky on the back of an eagle. What? Futuretown, a VR gaming company backed by former HTC CEO Peter Chou, announced its new hardware platform called 5D Totalmotion at the Tokyo Game Show today. The device is a motion machine [...]

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A Virtual Reality Future Means Changing Broadband Reality Today

Last month, a ripple traversed the internet when the White House posted an Instagram picture of our commander in chief just outside the Oval Office wearing a pair of virtual reality glasses. In the photo, President Barack Obama is trying out a virtual reality experience captured during his trip to Yosemite National Park and created [...]

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Virtual Reality AI Expected to Grab Tokyo Game Show Spotlight

YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan — This weekend’s Tokyo Game Show is expected to be the largest in the popular video-gaming convention’s 20-year history. At least 600 exhibitors — 100 more than last year’s record-breaking turnout that drew nearly 300,000 people — will gather just outside Tokyo Thursday through Sunday to showcase the best and brightest [...]

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Snapchat Could Be Working on its own Augmented-Reality Glasses

As early as 2014, it seemed Snapchat was interested in developing its own wearable product. That year, the now $18 billion company best known for its disappearing messaging product acquired Vergence Labs, which specializes in creating a smart-glasses product. Last month, C.E.O. Evan Spiegel was photographed wearing what appeared to be a smart-glasses prototype—a pair [...]

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Google’s VR Cardboard Camera App Is Coming To iOS

The odds of you using Cardboard Camera, Google’s simple app for creating 360-degree VR images, just got significantly higher. The tool, which has so far only been available on Android, is now available on the iOS App Store. And both versions now include sharing features that realize the app’s raison d’etre: showing your friends and [...]

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VR Goggles And Giant Touchscreen Tables: How Audi Explains New Car Technology

The company is using VR the way you might think, as well as some novel applications. Although we usually cover our own travel costs, in this case that was not an option; flights and accommodation on this trip to Munich were paid for by Audi. MUNICH, GERMANY—The transformation of our cars over the past few [...]

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“Jesus VR: The Story of Christ” Review – Virtual Reality Cinema Gains Disciples

The acting? Dire. The direction? Awful. The adaptation? Conservative and pedestrian. In conventional terms, everything about this new retelling of the Jesus story – showing here in Venice in an abbreviated 40-minute cut – is ropey. It is all too clearly influenced by Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ: the film has the same [...]

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Virtual Reality’s Educational Big Hit Games

Virtual reality might turn out to be more about enriching trips through history than defeating zombie hordes, according to Richard Marks of Sony's PlayStation. The first crop of apps for virtual reality are dominated by games, but consumers can look forward to a range of experiences hitting shelves as soon as next year, he said. [...]

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Dexmo Exoskeleton Glove Helps You Feel Objects That Exist In VR

A company called Dexta Robotics recently unveiled a new product that could end up revolutionizing the way VR hand-tracking and interaction takes place. It’s called the “Dexmo,” and it is a futuristic looking exo-skeleton that attaches over your hand like a glove. The glove is full of components that are able to communicate with a [...]

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5 Revolutionary Educational And Professional Uses For Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has a lot of potential uses, and not only in gaming and entertainment, although these are two areas that are likely to help drive the development and improvement of both hardware and software. VR is also being used in retail for example, by offering things like virtual mannequins and is also proving popular [...]

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