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This Accessory Makes VR So Precise A Surgeon Could Train With It

Using this exoskeleton in a virtual environment, a baseball feels firm, and an egg light and fragile. The Dexmo glove, with its gleaming white carapace and jet-black connecting joints, looks much like a prop stolen from a Stanley Kubrick film set. Worn on the hand, it gives its wearer a cartoonish silhouette, as if some [...]

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Surround Sound: The Philharmonia Orchestra Takes On VR To Attract Younger Audiences

The Philharmonia Orchestra is capturing its performances in VR Classical music has a problem: young people just aren't listening to it. For the Philharmonia Orchestra and its Finnish conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen, 59 (above centre), one solution is VR. "A symphony orchestra on stage in a concert hall can sometimes be a distant experience," says Salonen. [...]

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October Is VR’s biggest Month: Google Daydream, Oculus Touch, And PlayStation VR

Even if you’ve tried virtual reality or already own a VR system, nothing has prepared you for what’s coming over the next month. Three major VR platforms are expected to launch before Thanksgiving Day with massive announcements and retail roll-outs in the works. Despite our dogged pursuit of VR news at UploadVR, the technology is [...]

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VR First Expands Its Academic Labs To Twelve More Universities

VR First is a marriage of Crytek’s passion for VR and their game engine CRYENGINE with companies such as Leap Motion, OSVR, and Razer to bring virtual reality education to academic institutions around the world. VR First brings event space and workstations to universities via a well equipped VR lab and promotes VR entrepreneurship, community, [...]

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Time Launches New, Expansive VR Program

With virtual reality in its first year of real availability, Time Inc. is launching an initiative that will majorly expand its VR journalism program. The newly announced Life VR will host projects created for the company’s various outlets, which include Sports Illustrated, People, and InStyle. While Life VR will feature the kind of 360-degree video [...]

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Why Pokémon Go’s John Hanke Says Augmented Reality Is Better Than Virtual Reality

This summer’s hit mobile game Pokémon Go, made by San Francisco-based Niantic, spurred renewed interest in augmented reality, the technology that lets virtual objects appear as though they’re in the real world. On the latest episode of Recode Decode, Niantic CEO John Hanke said he sees augmented reality as an important complement to his company’s [...]

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Virtual Reality Takes On the Videoconference

Get ready for your next conference call—in virtual reality. With equipment for virtual-reality viewing now on the consumer market, public tech companies and venture capitalists are exploring possible applications in everything from videogames to medicine. And some are betting that virtual-reality headsets could be the next big thing in business-meeting software, upending the dreaded videoconference [...]

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From Dutch Hospital To Afghan Clinic: New VR App Aims To Link 8.5m Doctors

MDLinking aims to be a WhatsApp, LinkedIn and virtual reality video library rolled into one to allow doctors from Afghanistan to Angola to share skills Imagine you’re a doctor in Swindon and a patient with a chewing tobacco habit turns up with unusual tongue lesions. What if you could, at the press of a few [...]

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Visual Playground Invites Media To VR Training And Education Seminar

Visual Playground is inviting media to attend a practical training session in VR to be held in Melbourne on Tuesday September 20, featuring trainers from Google and other specialists. F.Y.I.Visual Playground invites media to VR training and education seminar September 13, 2016 4:16 Visual Playground is inviting media to attend a practical training session in [...]

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Are You Ready For Some VR Football? Fox Kicks It Off This Weekend

College football is ready for its virtual close-up this weekend. Fox Sports and LiveLike will livestream the game between Ohio State and Oklahoma in VR this Saturday. The broadcast will feature five cameras, which will be placed around the stadium for “best impact.” LiveLike allows users to switch between camera perspectives on-the-fly during the broadcast. [...]

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