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This Device Claims To Turn Your iPhone Into A 360 Degree VR Camera

Expectations for virtual reality are obviously quite high. And those expectations among content creators have led companies to introduce products aimed at helping to create content in the new format. Creators of the Insta360 ha done this in a unique way. While Arashi Vision, the company that makes the camera, has three different Insta360 versions, [...]

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Barack Obama In A VR Headset Is Still Inherently Funny

One of video games’ big breakthrough moments came in the early seasons of House of Cards, when consummate politician Frank Underwood sat down and booted up Call of Duty during an episode. It didn’t seem silly or forced; if anything, it was just the 21st century version of watching TV. This is the holy grail [...]

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2016 Samsung Gear VR Review: Still The Best, As Mobile VR (mostly) Its In Neutral

With the new Galaxy Note 7 and its USB-C port (a first for the lineup), Samsung needed an updated Gear VR headset to support the new phone/port combo. But this is more than a compatibility update, if only by a little. Read on, as New Atlas reviews the more evolution than revolution 2016 Gear VR. [...]

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Oculus Rift Now Has A VR Patio Furniture Experience…With Drones

Finally, a virtual-reality game that lets you organize patio furniture. Wayfair's Patio Playground is a free "home design" app that launched Tuesday for Oculus Rift. It's the first home-oriented game or app for the Rift. Ikea launched a kitchen-exploration app for the HTC Vive earlier this year, where all you could do was change a [...]

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The VR Accessories Market Is Only Getting Started

When you think of virtual reality, the first thing that comes to mind is a headset, and all the buzz around this industry is focused on these headsets. But while they certainly deserve to be the center of attention, the real potential can be unlocked through the VR accessories market. It is in this nascent [...]

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Ford’s New Virtual Reality App Puts Fans Of Car Racing On The Track At Le Mans

Not only is virtual reality reshaping the way we game, work out, and practice medicine, the technology has plenty of applications in the automotive world as well. In 2016, you can drive and even configure a new car from the comfort of your home, but fear not, we’ve only scratched the surface. Ford has debuted [...]

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Here’s Your First Look At Windows In VR

How will you use Windows inside a VR headset? Would you even want to? Those are real questions, because Microsoft is bringing its floating 3D version of its operating system -- Windows Holographic -- to VR headsets like the HTC Vive starting next year. But we also may have the answer. This official Microsoft video [...]

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Why The Year Of VR Glasses Will Morph Into The Decade Of AR

Innovative new applications using virtual reality headsets are seemingly popping up everywhere these days, especially in the gaming, education, and entertainment arenas. While we will likely look back at 2016 as the year of VR, many industry observers believe augmented reality (AR) glasses may actually rule the day in a few short years. According to [...]

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Samsung Gear 360 Review: A VR Camera You Won’t Love – Or Hate

We’re in peak 360-degree media territory with a marketplace teeming with enabling devices. From the Ricoh Theta to the 360fly, I-mmersive’s Veye, Kodak’s SP360, and others, there’s no shortage of options. Samsung has tossed its proverbial hat in the ring with its Gear 360 camera, which launched in April. But how does it really stack [...]

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Virtual Reality Classrooms Another Way Chinese Kids Gain an Edge

Genders of virtual teachers can change to suit cultural norms of the classroom Deep within a building shaped like the Starship Enterprise, a little-known Chinese company is working on the future of education. Vast banks of servers record children at work and play, tracking touchscreen swipes, shrugs and head swivels - amassing a database that [...]

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